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SCOOP: DCC cop charged with gun trafficking
A detective with the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) was arrested in April and faces federal gun trafficking charges, according to documents filed in court and obtained from a public records request. The two charges of conspiracy to traffic Read More...

SCOOP: Federal judge widens path to bankruptcy relief

A federal judge's ruling could expand access to bankruptcy protections for some cannabis businesses and their owners. In late June, U.S. bankruptcy judge Dennis Montali denied a landlord's motion to dismiss a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing by a San Francisco...

SCOTUS ruling upends rescheduling

In late June the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a 40-year old precedent that has been enormously influential in how the federal government regulates industry. Known as Chevron Deference, it required courts to defer to how federal agencies’ interpretations of the...

BREAKING: Calif. labs sued over pesticides, West Coast Cure faces class action suit

Two California testing labs sued a slew of their competitors alleging they inflated potency and covered up contaminants to satisfy their brand customers. The federal lawsuit, filed Monday in California, comes days after a proposed class action suit filed by...

Empowering Cannabis Entrepreneurs with Scalable Financial Solutions

Your Cannabis Banking Journey Starts HereSafe Harbor Financial -- the pioneers of cannabis banking -- have been providing specialized financial services to the cannabis industry since 2015, in partnership with chartered financial institutions coast to coast. Together, we connect cannabis...

SCOOP: Stiiizy sues equity partners who “got greedy”

In April, California market leader Stiiizy sued two of its former social equity partners. The case, and another, related Sacramento lawsuit, offer a rare look at the asymmetrical partnerships between established, funded companies and people disproportionately affected by the war...

LA Times/WeedWeek: California weed’s dirty secret

 Last week the LA Times published The Dirty Secret of California's Legal Weed, an investigation by Paige St. John and myself,  through WeedWeek. It looks into the presence of dangerous, sometimes banned, pesticides in California's legal weed supply, and how state regulators...

Gov. Newsom has “complete confidence” in DCC head

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has "complete confidence" in Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) director Nicole Elliott following an LA Times/WeedWeek investigation which found the agency unable to address alarming levels of sometimes banned pesticides detected in licensed products. A...

SCOOP: Glass House products spotted in NYC raid

Glass House products appear in footage from a raid on an unlicensed warehouse in Brooklyn. The products are packaged for wholesale, suggesting they were diverted from California's legal supply chain. The warehouse is at 65 Adelphi St. in Fort Greene....

Former High Times boss remains involved, docs suggest

Documents shared with WeedWeek suggest former High Times chairman and CEO Adam Levin remains involved in the company as it goes through a complex receivership process. In September, Levin settled civil charges with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)...

Glass House withdraws defamation suit against Catalyst

Glass House withdrew a defamation suit against rival Catalyst. Last June, Glass House sued Catalyst after Catalyst CEO Elliot Lewis alleged on social media and in a lawsuit that Glass House is a major diverter of product to the illegal...

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