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  • SCOOP: Six more Stiiizy lawsuits

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Announcing the Comeback of a Lifetime… Introducing the Launch of Prophet, Inspired by the Life Stories of Luke Scarmazzo and Ricardo Montes
Modesto, California ( Tuesday Jan 16, 2024 @ 11:50 AM Pacific —Prophet Brands, the California industry’s most anticipated premium legacy brand— inspired by the highly publicized federal cannabis trial of Luke Scarmazzo and Ricardo Montes v. US Government— is excited...


STIIIZY contributed $40K+ to lawmakers before key committee vote

WeedWeek recently reported that Stiiizy, California’s biggest cannabis company, is the plaintiff in lawsuits filed by a former CEO of the company and a current retail partner

In addition to those suits, Stiiizy, its former parent company Shryne Group and/or their affiliates are named defendants in several more California lawsuits.

Here are six of them…




State and local:


Health and science:

  • The N.Y. Times learns about tianeptine, sometimes called “gas-station heroin.” It’s often sold as a dietary supplement and can be found in smoke shops, convenience stores and online.
  • Scientists discovered the exact cellular mechanism responsible for The Munchies.
  • looks into Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in the industry, especially edibles.  PFAS are man-made industrial chemicals, some of which have been designated hazardous substances by the U.S. EPA.


Fun and interesting:

  • Journalist Lindsay MaHarry checked out the new 420-friendly restaurant Irie, which is attached to West Hollywood sex shop The Pleasure Chest.
  • Cypress Hill announced dates for its “We Legalized It” 2024 tour.



  • Gov. Newsom’s budget includes a “budgetary loan” that would redirect $100M in pot taxes from local and juvenile jails to the state’s general fund. The budget, which aims to patch a $38B budget deficit, does not trigger a mechanism that could raise the cannabis excise tax. Pamela Lopez, a partner at lobbying firm K Street Consulting in Sacramento, whose clients include California NORML and Jeeter, told WeedWeek she’s “very motivated” to ensure it stays that way.
  • AG Rob Bonta (D), who recently put the kibosh on interstate trade hopes, joined other state AGs in calling on the DEA to reschedule to Schedule III and reduce other barriers facing the cannabiz and its customers.
  • The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) announced seizure of $312M in unlicensed weed last year. Top counties for seizures were Alameda (Oakland), Siskiyou, Mendocino, LA and Kern (Bakersfield).
    Cannabis Business Times
  • A proposed initiative to legalize psilocybin fell short on signatures for the third election cycle in a row.
    Marijuana Moment



Company milestones:

Job move:

  • J. Roy Pottle resigned from the Statehouse board of directors.

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