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Weed’s free speech wars
710 Labs has cred to spare.In Florida and California, it maintains The List, a direct sales service for drops of its choicest concentrates. Last I saw it required a minimum pretax order of $300 and they sell out within 24 Read More...

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SCOOP: Oregon distributor sues state on interstate trade

A south Oregon distributor sued the state to allow interstate cannabis commerce. The complaint, filed Monday in Oregon federal court, argues the state's export ban is unconstitutional and hurts the state's export-ready industry.    Read the complaint."There is no constitutionally...

Exclusive: Who owns Advanced Nutrients?

In November 2013, Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, co-founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients fertilizer, put out a press release. It said he had bought out his two co-founders to become the company’s sole owner. The takeover “will allow BigMike to finally...

The Jeeter lawsuit: What’s next?

If a proposed class action lawsuit alleging false advertising at a leading pre-roll brand gains traction, it represents a significant threat to licensed cannabis businesses, three lawyers told WeedWeek. The complaint, filed last month by two consumers against the California...

The Juul-ization of weed

Juul Labs, the signature brand of the last decade’s e-cigarette craze, is having a tough fall.Last month, it agreed to pay nearly $440M to dozens of states for marketing to teenagers. (The company admitted no wrongdoing.) It awaits an FDA decision...

SCOOP: Lawsuit alleges “systematic” potency inflation at Jeeter

A potential class action suit alleges that the makers of Jeeter prerolls defraud customers by “systematically” overstating the THC content of their products. The suit, filed Thursday in California court, cites WeedWeek’s reporting which found widespread potency inflation in tests of...

Does a 5.5M Sq. Ft. greenhouse make sense?

Glass House owes its status as one of California’s most controversial cannabis companies largely to a number: 5.5M. That’s the square footage of its new Ventura County greenhouse. It’s 126 acres, almost 100 football fields, the largest licensed grow in...

Questions for Nicole Elliott, California’s pot czar

Nicole Elliott, executive director of California's Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has the toughest job in weed. She oversees a tremendous market where all the legal industries' challenges have compounded into something near unmanageable. Many of these challenges were baked...

Trulieve promoted safety manager after factory worker’s death: Source

A month after Holyoke, Mass. worker Lorna McMurrey, 27, died of cannabis dust inhalation, [Update 10/13/22: OSHA no longer lists a cause of death on its public report.]  Trulieve promoted the facility's environment, health and safety manager, McMurrey's former supervisor...