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“A plant divided:” Can weed and hemp get along?
A few weeks ago, the founder and CEO of savory California edibles brand Tsumo Snacks said she was leaving her company and the licensed weed market. “What I truly want to do is work in a growth market,” Caroline Yeh Read More...

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Trulieve worker died of occupational asthma: Report

A report from state and federal regulators determined that 27-year old Trulieve worker Lorna McMurrey was the industry's first occupational asthma reported fatality. McMurrey collapsed during a January 2022 shift at a factory in Holyoke, Mass and died days later...

SCOOP: Berner discussed past “pimping experiences” in 2019 video

Cookies CEO Berner discussed past “pimping experiences,” in a 2019 podcast appearance. The exchange came towards the end of a wide-ranging conversation about his rise to become a prominent rapper and boss of what's widely considered the country’s best known...

SCOOP: Grassdoor sued as delivery cos. flail

A concentrate maker sued LA-based delivery service Grassdoor alleging lack of payment and fraudulent inducement. The suit highlights tough times for California delivery services.(Grassdoor leadership didn't respond to a request for comment.)Investors once got excited about cannabis delivery services and...

Calif. attempt to resolve tax issue could make it worse: Industry

California’s tax agency is attempting to resolve confusion about how dispensaries in Los Angeles and some other cities calculate taxes. Industry groups, however, warn that the agency's proposal would make the problem worse.In summer 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed...

BREAKING: Manufacturer sues Calif over weed labor law

A licensed manufacturer sued California, alleging the state mandate for larger cannabis companies to remain neutral on union activity is unconstitutional.State law requires licensed operators with 20 or more employees to enter into Labor Peace Agreements (LPAs), essentially meaning they...

MSOs sue Feds for fair treatment

A coalition of Massachusetts businesses and investors, with support from several MSOs, filed a federal lawsuit against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Thursday calling for normalization of the industry. The plaintiffs are represented by David Boies, one of the country's...

SCOOP: Weedmaps sees net downgrades with price hike

Weedmaps saw net customer downgrades accompany a recent change in pricing structure, according to data assembled by tech shop CannMenus. California saw more downgrades than any other state. Several weeks ago, some dispensaries balked when Weedmaps announced a price change that...

SCOOP: Metrc fights subpoena in Glass House/Catalyst case

Metrc, the dominant provider of "seed-to-sale" tracking software to state governments, is fighting a subpoena to disclose data in litigation between two major California operators.In June, Long Beach-based retail chain Catalyst Cannabis sued Glass House Brands, alleging that the vertical operator...

Storz & Bickel, Makers of the Volcano, Unveil the Venty Portable Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel are renowned for having created the best herb vaporizers on the market. The makers of the world famous Volcano Vaporizer, Storz & Bickel scored another hit in 2014 with the simultaneous release of their portable Crafty &...

How California’s cannabiz defeated a labelling bill

California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed A.B. 1207, a bill that would have banned cannabis companies from using images of people in their labelling and marketing materials. Though watered down from a previous version of the bill, the industry argued the...