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Calif. lab execs allege rampant potency fraud
California cannabis retailers say only two things move product: high potency and low prices.With prices finding new lows and the state market in crisis, retailers are hungry for products with ever higher THC levels. This dynamic has led to a Read More...

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Black-owned businesses feel the squeeze

In June, the chair of Oakland’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission sounded the alarm: California’s social equity businesses couldn’t survive in the current business climate. Amid heavy taxes and competition with the illegal market, Chaney Turner told lawmakers in Sacramento, “Only large...

Dutchie’s payments play faces headwinds

Correction: This story originally misstated Lipson's title and the nature of Dutchie's e-commerce offering.Cannatech unicorn Dutchie has a new payments offering designed to secure its place at the center of dispensary tech stacks, and help it reach profitability. For that...

Rimon Law executive Q&A: Justin Keller and Jason Klein

This post is a Q&A with Justin Keller and Jason Klein, both partners in Rimon Law's cannabis practice. Keller is based in Los Angeles. Klein works out of Washington D.C.What brought each of you to Rimon Law?Justin Keller: I started my...

Top 15 weed smoking accessories for sale in 2022

While the cannabis industry continues to see record levels of success as legalization sweeps across the nation (and the world), users are finding they need premium cannabis smoking accessories from reputable vendors.King Palm is an online smoke shop that’s transitioning...

Does going vertical make sense in Calif.?

The country’s biggest and most successful cannabis operators, have built their empires on vertical integration. By controlling cultivation, factories and retail in multiple states, players like Curaleaf, Trulieve, Green Thumb Industries have grown quarterly sales well into the nine figures...

Millions likely to vote on legalization in November

Voters in multiple states could choose to legalize on Election Day.According to NORML, activists in deep red Arkansas, Nebraska (MED), Oklahoma and North Dakota have recently submitted signatures to state authorities. Elsewhere:REC initiatives are already confirmed in Maryland and South Dakota. In...

What Calif.’s top 25 flower brands say about the market

This story has been updated with a statement from Wonderbrett CEO Matt Costa.Headset data on California’s highest-grossing flower brands depicts a hypercompetitive market where the 25 bestsellers account for barely one-third of sales. Insiders say the list, shared exclusively with...

Can B Real break the celebrity brand hex?

The newsletter One Weed Please recently asked Headset to pull data on celebrity brand sales and the results came back very clear: No one is smoking it. Only one celeb brand, Seth Rogen’s Houseplant, made the top 100. Cypress Hill’s...