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EXCLUSIVE: This THC-O merchant says he’s here to stay
Ask a California operator who their toughest competitor is and they’ll probably say the illegal market. But these days the industry has another asymetric competitor: the murky market for hemp-derived cannabinoids.Speaking before the California Senate’s Business, Professions and Economic Development Read More...

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Calif. labelling wars aren’t over

A bill that aims to keep weed away from kids is likely to attract strong pushback from the California cannabiz.Introduced in February by Assembly Member  Jacqui Irwin, (D-LA and Ventura Cos.)  and amended with additional details this week, AB 1207...

Amid investor freeze, Lowell plans to restructure

After failing to find a buyer, the parent of venerable California brand Lowell Smokes announced a proposed restructuring and debt settlement plan this week.Departing Chairman George Allen told WeedWeek that even with business improving investor fatigue is "so extensive, we...

TPCO enmeshed in litigation

The Parent Company’s (TPCO’s) February announcement of a merger of equals with Gold Flora had onlookers confused.This week it emerged that the company is involved in two lawsuits. WeedWeek is first to report that the company also filed a $7M...

Why is TPCO merging with Gold Flora?

The Parent Company’s (TPCO’s) announcement this week of a “merger of equals” with privately-held Gold Flora has observers scratching their heads.The all-stock deal would combine TPCO with the owner of well-regarded Airfield Supply shop in San Jose, as well as...

SCOOP: Eaze tells investors the worst is over

A private Eaze presentation shares the company’s financial results and anticipated path to profitability. The February 2023 deck, which leaked to WeedWeek, says the money losing company has regained traction in California, as it pursues rapid growth in Florida.As recently...

Mendocino Growers call for “urgent” state intervention

A group representing Mendocino County growers has requested an “urgent [state] intervention” to accelerate the county’s licensing process. In a 16-page memo to Governor Gavin Newsom and Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) executive director Nicole Elliott, it argues delays by...

DCC’s interstate trade memo: An analysis

This week the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) sent a memo to California Attorney General Rob Bonta requesting a legal opinion on whether interstate trade poses a "significant risk to the state of California." Last year Gov. Gavin Newsom...

SCOOP: Kingroll responds to potency fraud suit

In September, WeedWeek published a story which found samples from seven out of seven prominent California pre-roll brands contained less THC than stated on their label. Since then, at least six brands, four of which were included in the WeedWeek...